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Pink Bubbles

About Us

  • We are a traveling inflatable carnival that has been in the amusement business for over 25 years.

  • We have passed and are fluent with the inspections programs in Colorado, New Mexico, & Arizona.

  • We have attended over 500 events in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, Kansas & Nebraska.

  • We have a NAARSO-certified inspector on staff and are members in good standing with NAARSO.

  • We are well-versed with the ASTM standards and practices for the safe operation of Bounce Houses and other inflatable amusement devices.

Meet the Team

Frequently Asked Questions

RENTALS: Do you rent out your bouncy houses?
We are a little different than most other inflatable companies. Unlike the other folks, we aren't a rental business. We are an event company so that is why our prices are per event and not per inflatable.
We prefer 10,000 sq ft but can squeeze smaller if needed (approx. 7,000 sq ft).
We need access to three 50 amp/220-volt outlets or space in a breaker box to hard wire the above breakers or a 50 KW generator for power within 75' of our area.
Half of our inflatables can be used wet but water is not absolutely necessary for operation. If you want water rides, we'll need access to a faucet/hose within 75' of our area.
We need permission to set up 1-2 days before the event and tear down the day after with some access to water during set-up for cleaning.
Safety is of utmost importance to secure our inflatables properly. The best and most cost-effective option is with 3-foot stakes (which we provide). We use approximately 80 of these.
When we cannot use the required stakes, a different option must be provided by the sponsoring body and meet our approval. We recommend either 2+ ton cement barricades, approximately 20 (not provided), OR 55-gallon barrels, approximately 70 (not provided).
Our inflatables are commercial grade so all ages can participate, even adults.
We have something for every age. Our bouncy houses, and jump and slide combos are geared toward an age range of 2-12. We also have attractions such as obstacle courses, the eliminator, and a bungee run that typically attracts ages 12 through adult. All ages appreciate our giant slides and water games. We also bring carnival games that can challenge any age, with one game guaranteeing a winner every time.
A LA CARTE: Can I choose which rides come to my event?
We cannot allow an "A La Carte" option because our inflates are stretched across the western US during our summer season and the logistics to pull some from here and others from there would be a nightmare. That's why each of our units offers similar attractions so each client gets the same rewarding experience.
ADVENTURE ZONE ATTRACTION LIST: What will you bring to my event?
We can bring 10-30 (depending on the size of your event) amazing inflatable attractions and 2-5 carnival-style games. 
A typical attraction list looks like this:
(1) Challenging Obstacle Course
(1) Super Slide (over 24’ tall)
(1) Adrenaline Attraction (Eliminator, Bungee Run, or Wrecking Ball)
(1) Awesome Slide (over 18’ tall)
(1) Interactive Attraction (Boulder Dash, Jousting Arena, or Gladiator Pit)
(1) Fun Slide (over 10’ tall)
(1) Bouncy House Combo (with 8’ slide attached)
(1) Entertaining Playland
(2) Cute Bounce Houses
(3) Carnival Style Games that are geared toward younger children
PIRATES REBELLION ATTRACTION LIST: What will you bring to my event?
We bring a wild water war that includes:
(1) 2,500 sq ft Pool
(8) Pedal-Style Bumper Boats
(1) 1,000 sq ft Maze
Hundreds of Sponges for Water Battles
(1) Retail Squirt Gun Booth
We come at no up-front charge to you and will pay a percentage of our ticket box sales to the event. We can even offer our colorful attractions as "free" to your attendees for a nominal fee. Please call (435) 232-4281 for specific pricing details for your event.
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